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About Us

Kruti Onella is Rajkot’s finest Residential and Commercial Project with a splendid combination of tranquility and luxury.

The promoters of Kruti Onella have a legacy of 24 years. Today thousands of happy and successful families live and work at the Residential and Commercial complexes built by the group. Kruti Onella is destined to be not only the best project of the group so far, but, the finest creation Rajkot and Saurashtra has ever seen.

Pursuit of Excellence has always remained the ultimate goal for the mankind. One of the best example of this theory is the creation of light.

‘Kruti’ means creation, while ‘onella’ means light. Perhaps the seven wonders of the world are the best examples of man’s pursuit for excellence. The seven wonders have always been a high point in people’s life and getting even a glimpse of it, would be a part of a human life’s burning desire. Here, we therefore present the 7 wonders created by us, in an effort to fulfill that same desire.

We at Kruti Onella – 3 & 4 BHK apartments strive to provide people not only with better living conditions, but, with the state-of-art lifestyle amenities. Kruti Onella is one of the unique projects which houses 7 towers and 8 club houses to make your life 8 times more enjoyable.